The Parks and Recreation Master Plan calls for many improvements at the City Dam. When completed, our park will be a first-class recreational area. Several of the items have been completed and more will be done in the coming months. So far, the parking lot has been expanded, paved, and stripped. 100 East has been widened. The batting cages have been relocated to the east of the ball field. The Children’s Park has been created with new playground equipment and a pavilion for picnics. Also several trees have been planted and many benches installed.

Recently the installation of a sprinkler system and hydro-seeding of the area surrounding the new playground was completed. Later this fall completion of a paved walking trail around the Wellsville Dam will be done.

Funding for the improvements to the park have come from park impact fees, Cache County RAPZ tax awards, and individual donations. No City property tax monies have been used for these improvements.

The Parks and Recreation Committee led an effort to raise funds for the purchase of the new trees and benches. The following is a list of those who responded to the call. The City is very grateful to these individuals and families for their support. The entire community will benefit from your generosity.

Wellsville Dam Park – Tree and Bench Donations
Trees Purchased by
David Bankhead In Memory of Vernon and Ruth Bankhead
Karen Bindrup In Memory of Ray Bindrup
Ray Bingham In Memory of Anna Poppleton Bingham
Jim and Rose Branch In Memory of Elaine Branch
Ron and Bonnie Case In Memory of Harold & Ruth Parker
Beverly Joy Gancheff In Memory of Bill and Muzzenta Joy
Dallas and Dean Hall In Memory of Lee and Viola Larsen
Jeanne K. Maughan In Memory of Gene B. Maughan
Margaret G. Maughan In Memory of Seth P. Maughan
Richard and Ruth P. Maughan In Memory of William L. and Elsie Poppleton
Sharon McBride In Memory of John and Coy Leatham
Nancy and Neil Motter In Memory of Beulah Gancheff and Charles E. Barrett
Darren and DeAnn Olsen In Memory of Khloee the Dog
Duane and Patsy Roundy In Memory of JaNae Roundy Jones
Barbara Stuart In Memory of Clyde W. Stuart
Pam Taggert In Memory of Jason Taggert
Amy Wells In Memory of Kris Maughan
Keith and Donnetta Stuart Donated by The Keith and Donnetta Stuart Family
Douglas Cooper Donated by The Douglas and Peggy Cooper Family
Ralph and Mary Ann Degn Donated by The Ralph G. Degn Family
Dean and Betty Haslam Donated by The Dean and Betty Haslam Family
Steve and Jan Jenson Donated by The Steve and Jan Jenson Family
Colleen P. Leatham Donated by The Jack B. and Colleen Leatham Family
Ann Vanderkuyl Donated by The Vanderkuyl Family
Stan and Anita Wade Donated by The Stan and Anita Wade Family
Richard and Joyce Wells Donated by The Richard and Joyce Wells Family
Benches Purchased By
Arlyn and LaDaun Brenchley Donated by Arlyn and LaDaun Brenchley
Ruth Brenchley Donated by Kent Brenchley Family
AJ Christensen Donated by AJ Christensen Family
Corey and Lucy Ekins Donated by Corey and Lucy Ekins Family
Clarke P. Maughan Donated by Clarke P. and Ruth H. Maughan Family
Dean and Allie Murray Donated by Dean and Allie Murray Family
Darren and DeAnn Olsen Donated by Darren and DeAnn Olsen Family
Kami Anderson In Memory of LaMar and IlaRee Wright
David Bankhead In Memory of Peggy Maughan Bankhead
Kathy Rigby In Memory of Colin and Amy Cooper