Founders’ Day
Founders’ Day activities this year begin August 29 and culminate with the Founders’ Day Parade and Celebration on September 7th. More information will be available as Founders’ Day draws closer.  Some exciting new activities are being planned so watch this space for further announcements.

For the full schedule of events and activities click here.

Highlights of the Sunday evening Patriotic program.

Remarks of Mayor Ruth P. Maughan:
On behalf of Wellsville City, the City Council, and myself, I welcome each of you to our Sunday Evening program. ‘The Strength of Community’ is the theme for this year’s Founders’ Day Celebration.

We are proud of our rich heritage and of our Pioneer Spirit which contributes so much to the strength of our community. We are grateful for the beauty, the peacefulness, and the lifestyle which we are able to enjoy and experience here in Wellsville. We are especially grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much in order to protect and preserve our freedom.

To those of you who are visiting, and to those of you who are returning home this weekend to join in these festivities, welcome home to our beautiful valley and our beautiful community of Wellsville. I would like to express appreciation to the Wellsville Foundation and other volunteers for their hard work in preserving, cleaning, and renovating this building. Thank You!

As I have circulated among the various activities this past week, I have been impressed with all the people involved. This evening, as you enjoy this presentation, and tomorrow our Founders’ Day festivities, it is our hope that you will catch the essence of the many talents and the many hours of service rendered by so many of our citizens.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank these citizens for their willingness to work and share their time and talents.

In as much as this is the last time that I will stand before you as your Mayor, I would like to say that it has been a real honor and pleasure to have represented and served Wellsville for the last 26 years. I love Wellsville and it’s citizens. I would like to thank all of you who have so willingly given of your time and talents to serve our community. It is people like you that make our community great and makes the job of Mayor easier.

I appreciate all of the city councils that I have had the opportunity to work with. We have always worked together in harmony and I appreciate that. I would like to thank Leesa Cooper and Don Hartle for the help, support, and friendship that they have given me. I appreciate all of the city employees, including the fire department and EMTs, for the service they render to our community and our citizens. I would especially like to thank my family. My husband, Richard, my son, Jaceson, and my daughters, Jennifer and Kandice. They have been such a strength and support to me.

You have often heard me say the the greatness of a community is determined by the people that reside there. I truley believe this and to the members of our community I say Thank You.

The Queen of 1856
Jean Kellet Maughan was born September 10, 1926. She married her high school sweetheart Gene B. Maughan over 62 years ago on March 25, 1947 and has lived in Wellsville ever since. Jeannie say her husband loved Wellsville and she grew to love Wellsville also. She thinks it is the prettiest place in the world and feels it is a privilege to have raised their three boys and three girls here. Jennie’s children are Relia Ann, Scott Gene, Jan, Jill, Rocky, and Brenda. Jeannie also has 20 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. She says it takes a village to raise a child and is very grateful to the community of Wellsville.

 Jeannie has been very active in Genealogy work. She also served in the Logan Temple for 8 years with her husband, Gene.

Jeannie is very proud and grateful for her ancestors, three of her families were in the Martin-Harris handcart company. She really enjoys mingling with the Daughters of the Camp and appreciates their friendship. Jeannie is honored to represent and be a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers and the Peter Maughan Camp. She is grateful for the early families that had the courage to settle Wellsville and to build this community.

2009 Marshall of the Day
Lynn P. Cooper was born March 17, 1947. He passed away on July 19, 2009. Lynn is the son of Eldon and Arlene, husband of April, father of Clint, Ingrid, and Kaden, brother of NoraLee and Clair, grandfather of Chance, uncle to many, and friend to all.

As Mayor and City Council, we feel it is a privilege to recognize and honor Lynn as our Marshal of the Day for 2009. Lynn spent 24 years on the Wellsville City Council and 18 years as a Wellsville City Fireman, serving the citizens and the community that he dearly loved. We miss Lynn and appreciate the many hours of selfless service he rendered throughout his life. It is our pleasure to recognize Lynn posthumously as our Marshall of the Day.

2009 Outstanding Citizen of the Year
This year’s Outstanding Citizen was born and raised in Wellsville, Utah. He grew up on the family farm and learned early in life the virtues of being dependable, trustworthy, and honest in his dealings with others. He was taught the importance of quality work as he milked cows, worked in the beet fields, bunched, tromped, and hauled hay. Many hours were spent in helping irrigate the land on the family farm.

He attended Foradell School and Wellsville Junior High School where he played in the band and enjoyed sports. He graduated from South Cache High School and then attended Utah State Agricultural College – now Utah State University – where he studied dairying. His love for animals, especially dogs and horses, continues today. As a young man, he enjoyed riding and even did some team roping.

He volunteered for the draft and served in the U.S. Army for two years during the Korean War. He received his basic training at Fort Ord, California, and then served on the Island of Okinawa in the South Pacific. He received his honorable discharge on February 6, 1991. Upon his discharge, he was active in the Wellsville Am-Vet organization and spent many Founders’ Days working in their hamburger stand.

After marrying his wife in the Salt Lake Temple on August 31, 1956, they lived for a year in Salt Lake City while he worked for Jack Parson Construction Company. Then they moved to Wellsville and during this time, he helped build the Willard Bay Dike.

He worked in construction for several years and then at Thiokol Chemical Corporation where he started working as a general laborer working with electicians. It wasn’t long before he joined the Electrical Workers Union and earned a partnership in the apprenticeship program. After completing his apprenticeship, he took the state test and became a licensed electician. At the time of his retirement he was a supervisor in the Construction Services where he was over the central shops which included carpenters, painters, weld shop, and sheet metal workers.

While working at Thiokol he was presented with the “Manned Flight Awareness Award.” He and his wife traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida, as guests of NASA, to see one of the space shuttle launches. He retired from Thiokol after 35 years. His skill in his chosen field has proven beneficial to him, his family, and his friends.

Community service has always been important to this individual. He was a charter member of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department and was presented with a 40-year award. He served as Town Marshall for five years and had many interesting experiences in keeping peace in our area.

A few of the highlights of his law enforcement days include working security for Vice-President Gerald Ford who made a visit to USU, and President Spencer W. Kimball who came to Logan for a fireside. These were choice experiences for him.

For many years he was an avid Aggie supportor of the basketball team and had the opportunity to travel to several games and become well acquainted with the coaches and team members.

He is an active member of the LDS church and has served in many leadership positisions.

At the present time, he is a member of the Beautification Committee, the Board of Adjustments, and has worked for Wellsville CIty since his retirement. He continues to be active in our community and supportive of community events.

He and his wife Ruth are the parents of two daughters – Sharalyn and Barbara – and three sons – Steven, Darren, and Larry. They have 16 grandchilren and 11 great-grandchildren. He is proud of his family and supports them in their work, school, and athletic endeavors.

Our outstanding Citizen for the year of 2009 is Ted Hall.


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