There are many ways that the City of Wellsville works to serve the community.  The following are the major departments of the city, including a description of their main functions.

Administration: Responsible for overall city operations.  Key staff members include the City Manager, City Recorder, and Treasurer.

Animal Control: Responsible for enforcing the municipal codes such as nuisance ordinance and animal ordinances.

Court: Responsible for court fines, and court appearances.

Pulic Safety: Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the city. Key staff members inlcude the Cache County Sheriff, Wellsville Fire Department Fire Chief, and First Responder President.

Public Works: Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the City.  Key staff members include the Public Works Director, Asst. Public Works Director, Road/Maintenance crew, Parks/Cemetery Maintenance, and Sprinkler/Water Meter crews.

Utility Services: Responsible for billing residents for water, sewer and garbage services.  Ensures proper billing as well as service termination for delinquent accounts.

City Staff

Scott Wells, City Manager/Recorder
Perry Maughan, Public Works DIrector
Tom Maughan, Asst. Public Works Director
Leesa Cooper, Treasurer
Terry Moore, Justice Court Judge
Laurie Christensen, Court Clerk
Jennifer Leishman, Minutes Recorder
Standley Poulsen, Parks/Cemetery Maintenance
Ralph Parker, Roads/Maintenance
Malin Glenn, Roads/Maintenance
Dallas Hall, Sprinkler Maintenance
Scott Wells, Meters/Park Maintenance
Kirt Lindley, Animal Control
Clint Kerr, Fire Chief
Roger Blechert. First Responder President
Leesa Cooper, Cemetery Recorder
Perry Maughan, Cemetery Sexton