Beautification Committee
The purpose of the Beautification Committee is to encourage citizens to maintain and enhance the beauty of our community . The committee sets standards for planting of trees in new subdivisions and the replacement of the existing trees. They also plan the annual Arbor Day and Tree City USA celebration. During the Tree City USA ceremony a tree is planted honoring a person or group who has made a difference in Wellsville.

Chairperson: Perry Maughan
, City Council Representative
Colin Harrison
Glenn and Kaylene Ames
Marcene Parker
Kolby Rowser
Matt and Kim Turnbow
Troy Cooper
Sharon Cook
 Jake Harrison

Wellsville has been a proud Tree City USA recipient since 1988.
Proud Tree City USA Recipient Since 1988

Board of Adjustments
Meetings: As needed, at the City Offices. All Board of Adjustment meetings are open to the public. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City will make reasonable accommodations to participate in the meeting. Request for assistance can be made by contacting the City Recorder at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to be held.

What is the Board of Adjustment?
The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body charged with the responsibility to provide for just and fair treatment in the administration of the Wellsville City zoning ordinances, and to ensure that substantial justice is done. This is accomplished by the granting of “variances” and  “special exceptions.”

Who are the members of the Board?
The members of the Board of Adjustment are ordinary citizens of Wellsville. They are not City employees, but citizens with their own vocations who desire to donate some time to the City. The Board members do not answer to the Mayor, City Council or Planning Commission, and can act as an independent, quasi-judicial body.

Chairperson: Don Jeppesen
    Term expires: January 2019
Board member:  Don Bailey
    Term expires: January 2018
Board member:  Paul Cooper
    Term expires: January 2020
Board member:  Arlow Hancock
    Term expires: Janaury 2017
Board member:  Paul Thorpe
    Term expires: January 2021

What is a “variance?”
A variance is permission by the City to waive or alter a standard requirement of the Development Code (zoning ordinance). For example, a builder may ask that a new structure be allowed closer to the property line or be allowed to cover more of the property than is allowed by code. State Law requires that certain findings must be met in order for a variance to be granted.

What is a “special exception?”
A special exception is asking the Board for some type of land use that is appropriate in some areas of the City, but not appropriate in all areas of the City. The types of land uses that the Board can approve as special exceptions are specifically defined in the zoning ordinance.

How do I get on the Agenda?
To add an item on the Board of Adjustment’s agenda please contact the City Manager.


Cache Mosquito Abatement Board
For information on mosquito control, West Nile Virus, and the fogging and larvaciding schedules, visit

Wellsville City Representative: Kevin Tingey
Phone:  245-9606
Term expires:  December 31, 2018

CMAD No Spray Application  information can be found here. A reminder that the application must be renewed annually and is due by April 15 each year.

Historical Commission
The historical commission maintains the historical record of Wellsville City.
Term expires: Open ended appointments 

Members:  Wilma Hall
Ron Case
Kent Larsen
Heather Rowser


Parks and Recreation Committee
The Parks and Recreation Committee directs the development of the city’s parks, trails, and recreational facilities, following the Wellsville Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The Parks and Recreation Committee members and their areas of responsibility are:
Sam Winward – Chairperson, Movie Night, Music in the Park
Margo Pierce – Secretary
Paul Thorpe – Softball, Youth Fishing Derby
Dan Erickson – Family Biking Night, Basball
Jerilyn Isom – Web Page, Soccer
Bevan Higby – Wellsville Dam and Trail
Natalie Hancock – new member – assignments to come
Katelyn Ellis – Youth Council Councilor, Movie Night, Youth Oriented Music in the Park
Corbin Evans – Youth Council Mayor, Movie Night, Youth Oriented Music in the Park
Open – Publicity Person (any suggestions are welcome)
City Council Rep: Gary Bates, City Council Representative, Grants, Eagle Project Coordination

Sports Specialists
Darin Fristrup – Baseball
Wendy Egbert – Soccor
Diane Roundy – Softball
Rex Bailey – Rodeo Grounds

Storm Water Management Committee
Wellsville is required by Federal and State laws to manage the city’s storm water.

Member: Ray Bankhead
Member:  Tom Maughan
Member: Zan Murray
Member: Don Hartle, City Manager