Mayor Tom Bailey is warning Wellsville citizens to be alert for a mountain lion that has been spotted in the south end of Wellsville (near the Wellsville Dam and in other areas). Mountain lions can roam over a large area so all citizens of Wellsville should be on the alert. Please take extra precautions with your children and small pets.

The Utah DWR has been contacted and Mayor Bailey will be following up with them.

Please warn your neighbors to be on alert as well.

Mountain Lion Update – The Utah DWR has been out and looked around for signs of the mountain lion recently spotted at the Wellsville Reservoir.  The DWR officer did not find anything so they are hopeful we no longer have a problem.  If anyone spots the mountain lion again please call the Cache County Sheriff at 753-7555 (or 911 if you feel threatened) and request they contact the on-call DWR officer immediately.