Active Duty Military Personnel Utility Fee Waiver

The City Council of Wellsville recognizes the great service and sacrifice performed for our community and our nation by members of our military personnel.  The Council also recognizes that active deployment call-ups can cause financial hardships for military families. Therefore, the City Council has approved the waiving of base water and sewer fees for heads-of-households who are deployed on military duty.  The following guidelines must be met to claim the waiver of water and sewer fees:

  •  The utility account must be in the name of the military member or the spouse of the member.
  •  A copy of the deployment orders must be presented at the City Office.
  •  A “Military Utility Fee Waiver” application must be completed and presented to the City Office.
  •  The waiver will be issued for a 6-month period of time, unless deactivation occurs sooner.  It is the customer’s responsibility to renew the waiver every six months to extend the benefit.
  •  The fee waiver includes only the base rate of water and sewer. Water overage, garbage collection, storm water fee, communication center (E-911) fee, fire capital fee, interest and other fees still apply.
  •  Utility Fee Waiver will be effective as of June 1, 2013.
  •  Customer agrees to notify the City immediately upon return home and deactivation of deployment.

Please feel free to contact the city office if you have questions concerning this.