We are excited about the upcoming Parks and Recreation season and want to share a few things with the citizens of Wellsville. For 2013 the Parks and Recreation Committee is made up of the following individuals: Sam Winward (Chairperson), Paul Thorp, Margo Pierce, Dan Erickson, Jerilyn Isom, Bevan Higby, Natalie Hancock, Katelyn Ellis, Corbin Evans and Gary Bates. Katelyn and Corbin are doing double duty as they are also members of the Wellsville City Youth Council.

The youth sports programs in Wellsville continue to grow and more youth are participating every year. We have dedicated Sports Specialists and coaches who are making this happen. The Sports Specialists are Darin Fristrup (baseball), Wendy Egbert (soccer), Diane Roundy (softball), and Rex Baily (rodeo grounds).

While we have not established dates for all of the planned 2013 activities we want to let you know what the Committee is working on. We hope to firm up a summer schedule during our March meeting. Here is a list of what we plan to sponsor this summer. Youth Sports Programs, Youth Fishing Derby (June 1), Family Biking Night, Family Movie Night(s), and Music in the Park performances. Thanks to the input of our younger members, Katelyn and Corbin, we are also looking into a Music in the Park performance or youth dance geared towards the youth of our City.

Other news of interst:
a.  The Wellsville Dam trail extension Phase II and II projects are in the engineering, planning and permitting cycle. The plan is to move dirt this spring. These projects are funds by RAPZ and Utah State Trails grants.
b. The new park at the upper end of the Redslide development has been designed by David Bell. Meetings will be held with the landscaper as soon as weather permits. Citizen input for a park name is welcome. Many thanks to David for his volunteer efforts to create the design. Builing and maintenance of this park will be primarily be funded by the residents of the Redslide Development and a RAPZ grant.
C.  Wellsville City and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have entered into a five year agreement to allow the City to use specific Church owned property for youth sports in exchange for the cost of watering. Thanks to President Evans and the Presiding Bishopric for supporting this agreement.

One item of concern to note is we have had citizen input that perhaps some of the youth coaches may be taking the “game” too seriously. We thank all of the volunteers who give much service as youth coaches but want to remind everyone that the sports program is sponsored by Wellvsille City for recreation. We want to involve as many youth as possible regardless of their ability. Let’s keep it fun.

Thank you,
Wesville City Parks and Recreation Committee