Some of the approximately 600 runners who participated in this year's Fun Run (click for a larger view)

A big thanks to everyone, both runners and spectators, who participated in this year’s races.

Here are the winners for the 2012 Wellsville Founders’ Day Fun Run
5K Mens
1st place John Jenkins 17:22
2nd place Nick Allen 17:33
3rd place Ross Marabela 18:155K Female
1st place Mandy Foster 18:54
2nd place Kacie Labrum 21:22
3rd place Savannah Knight 21:25

10K Mens
1st place Jacob Howell 32:53
2nd place Jerrell Mock 33:40
3rd place Luis Vidal 36:38

10K womens
1st place Carol Rowe 38:31
2nd place Tori Parkinson 39:12
3rd place Brookayla Nelson 41:35