Here are some things we ought to think about in caring for our lawns to help reduce the impact on storm water pollution:

– Yard Trimmings Management:  Improper disposal of yard trimmings can lead to increased nutrient levels in runoff. Yard trimmings deposited on street corners may be washed down sewers and result in elevated nutrient loadings to surface waters. Proper management of yard trimmings and home composting can reduce the levels of nutrients in runoff and decrease overall runoff volumes through the addition of humas to the soil. Increased levels of humas enhance soil permeability, decrease erodibility, and provide nutrients in a less solible form than commercial fertilizers. Use organic, biodegradable, non-toxic pesticides. Use fertilizers or pesticides on the grass, not on driveways, or paved surfaces. Apply only 1/4 inch to soak lawn chemicals into the ground. DO NOT PUT LAWN TRIMMINGS INTO THE CANALS!!