On Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Wellsville City residents will be electing three city council members. Each position is for a 4-year term. 

Voting will take place at the central LDS church building located at 49 West 200 South. Voting is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Early Voting will take place October 25-November 4 (two weeks prior to the election).  Registered voters can vote early in the City Office during office hours – Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The following residents are candidates:
* Gary Bates
* Carl Leatham
* Glenna L. Petersen
* Kevin Madsen Tingey
* Randy Wall

Each candidate was allowed up to 150 words for this newsletter. The following is the exact information that the candidates provided to the city.

Gary Bates: As a City Councilor I am privileged to work with many outstanding Wellsville citizens.  I hope I represent you well.  My Primary Council assignment is to oversee the Parks and Recreation program.  This is a very dynamic process and we have had very little funding to work with.  Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, we have made significant progress.  The Wellsville Dam park and parking lot, athletic field improvements, new walking trail and pedestrian bridge were funded with donations, grants, and new construction fees.  New grants will expand the trail system and build a small City park in the Redslide neighborhood.  Other programs I sponsored include: youth fishing, music in the park, healthy city award, more then 40 Eagle projects, a neighborhood watch program for our parks, and expanding our youth sports programs.  With your help we have much more work to do. Please vote “Gary Bates” on November 8th.

Carl Leatham: I am Carl Leatham, and I am running for re-election to the Wellsville City Council.  I have served on the Wellsville City Council for the past two years.  Prior to the council, I served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for five and half years.  I’m a strong believer in personal property rights and protecting them.  At the same time, I see the need for zoning to protect your neighbor’s rights also.  I also feel that we need to further develop and promote the commercial zones that Wellsville has in place to provide Wellsville with the services we need as well as the tax base to fund city infrastructure improvements.  We all want to preserve the community we have.  This is what I have been doing and I will continue for in your behalf.  Thank you for your support.

Glenna Petersen: “Good things come to those who go for it!” I received this plaque from a friend after finishing two bachelor degrees at USU this May.  That’s what I am doing now-going for Wellsville City Council. I am a mother, educator, and involved citizen. I volunteered for Wellsville City for several things, and one was an Emergency Medical Technician.  I love this city and the people and want to know your concerns and opinions on what is happening.  By listening to you as a citizen and gathering information from experts, I will vote for what is best for Wellsville.

Some things I will stand for: ▪ Minimal taxes or fees ▪Giving credence to all requests ▪Lease amount of restriction on citizens

Please get out and vote!  Vote for Glenna Petersen-Go for it!

Kevin Tingey: I own and operate a small construction company in the valley; The Solution of Wellsville LLC. In 1999 I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Utah State University.  I then went on to San Diego and from Thomas Jefferson School of Law obtained a Juries Doctorate in 2003.  I enjoy the technology of science and the theory of law but I really love the satisfaction of building things.  This knowledge gives me a unique perspective.  As a councilman I will know how things work in the physical realm while dealing with the legal realities of modern business.

I am a team player; I have worked with a varied workforce and know how to work with others to get the job done.  I enjoy challenges and will put my all into keeping Wellsville the great place that it has always been.

Randy Wall: My family and I love the rural, small town of Wellsville. The residents of Wellsville are good people that take care of each other as well as our community.

I own and run a small business. I have served on a board of directors.  I was in charge of the 2011 Cache Valley Cruise-In car show.

I am an open minded person that wants to know all the facts and concerns of our citizens before making decisions.  My only agenda is to serve the residents of Wellsville.  I would like to see us, as a community save the icon of this great city-the Wellsville Tabernacle is worth preserving.

I believe that my unique perspective can and will help the Wellsville community.  I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.