Thanks to efforts of Brett Jorgensen and his volunteers we had a great “Youth Fishing Derby” at the Wellsville Reservoir on June 4th.  Many children came to participate and a lot of nice prizes were distributed. 

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources has been going a great job of keeping the Wellsville Reservoir stocked with trout this summer.  They have also put in 60 more of the Sterile Grass Carp to eat the weeds.  We should start to see a positive effect of the Grass Carp by next summer. 

The Fish Biologist has recommended we add pan fish (Bluegill and Large Mouth Bass) to the reservoir.  They would keep stocking about the same amount of trout but the pan fish would give children something else to catch.  Please contact Gary Bates at 245-4795 and give us your opinion on this recommendation.