Wellsville City looks forward to completion of phase I of the new Wellsville Dam trail system.  As soon as the weather cooperates, wheel chair accessible concrete ramps to the bridge will be installed and then the bridge area will be graded and grass seed planted. 

One thing citizens will notice is that fishing and diving from the bridge are not allowed.  We had hoped to allow fishing from the bridge but it seems fishermen need lawn chairs, coolers and tackle boxes.  It became apparent other trail users were having a hard time getting across the bridge – thus the change.  

Another new feature at the Dam is an accessible fishing deck being build by Eagle Scout candidates.  As soon as handrails and a wheel chair access ramp are installed, the deck will have a sign installed to remind fishermen the deck was build with donated funds for the use of senior citizens, those with physical limitations, and families with pre-school children.

The Parks and Recreation Committee has noticed that with the increased use of the trail system, and our new community fishery, thee has been a corresponding increase in the amount of littering.  We would like to get feedback to determine if any Youth Groups, Clubs, Sports Teams, or families would consider supporting an “Adopt a Trail” program.  The idea would be to assign short sections of the trail and shoreline and then put up signs recognizing the group.  If you would be interested in supporting this idea or have other suggestions, please call Gary Bates or MaryAnn Degn. This project is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children the value of community service.

In keeping with our goal to become a Utah Healthy City, the Parks and Recreation Committee has recommended and the Wellsville City Council has approved a NO SMOKING and NO DRINKING OF ALCHOHOLIC BEVERAGES resolution for all Wellsville City Parks.  This includes the area around the Wellsville Reservoir.  Persons ticketed for violating this resolution will be subject to a significant fine.  Citizens are encouraged to report violations to the Cache County Sherriff.

Finally, we are pleased to report the Parks and Recreation Committee has submitted grant requests to Cache County (RAPZ) and The State of Utah to build phase II of the Wellsville Dam trail system.  Phase II will run from the intersection of Center Street and 400 South and proceed East along the steam.  The trail will end at the Wellsville Dam Park.  We should know if we received the grants for 2011 within a few months.