Alternatives to Toxic Substances: Using alternative products instead of toxic substances found in the home are cleaners, automotive products and pesticides. Other common harazdous substances that are found in homes are fertilizers, paints, and fuels. Pevent such substances from entering stormwater by substituting thses common household products with safer, less toxic alternatives:

* Aerosols – use pump-type or non-aerosol products.
* Art supplies –  purchase water-based paints or inks. They should not contain lead or other toxic materials.
* Batteries – rechargable batteries are a cost-effective alternative to disposable batteries.
* Gasoline – not driving at all is the best way to reduce gasoline use. Carpooling, walking, bicycling, and public trnasportation are other viable options.
* Pesticides – keeping homes and gardens tidy reduces the food supply for insect pests, averting the need for pesticides. Onion, garlic, and marigold plants help keep garden pests at bay.