Open Burning is only allowed from October 1 through October 31. Before you burn, you must obtain a Burn Permit from Jerald Leishman at 245-3121. Burning without a permit is a Class B misdemeanor with a fine of $1,000.00.

The following is taken from the Cache County Fire District website:

The fall open burning season in Cache County will be from October 1 through October 31. Anyone wishing to burn tree limbs, branches, leaves, garden clippings, and bushes may request a burn permit from the Cache County Fire District at 755-1670. Burn permits in Logan City (716-9505) are limited to canal companies and areas of the county recently annexed. Burn permits for residents of North Logan City (994-1530), and Smithfield (563-3056) must be issued from their respective fire departments. A burn permit may be issued by your local municipal fire chief. No burn permits will be issued by the county on Sundays.

General public burn permits will not be issued if the air quality clearing index is below 500 or on yellow or red burn days. Burning of agricultural lands, fence lines, ditch banks, and commercial orchards are exempt from this restriction; however, individuals are required to notify their local fire department of such burns.

Burning of household or construction waste, rubbish, cardboard, plastics, tires, hazardous chemicals, fuels, and other processed or man-made materials is prohibited. Burn piles and fires are to be kept small. All open burns must be 50 feet from any buildings or construction. Someone 18 or older must be with the fire at all times. A water source must be kept nearby. All fires must be out by dark. If there are any complaints from neighbors or if the smoke obstructs traffic, you may be asked to extinguish your fire. If your fire extends beyond your control you should immediately call the fire department at 911.